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Water Well Drilling Service


Diamond Drilling

Still the preferred method of drilling in Latin America, AK Drilling International has in just few years grown to where two thirds of its rig fleet is diamond core rigs to complement its RC fleet of rigs.

  • The workhorse rig – Our track mounted Sandvik 710 seems to be the right size rig in the right climate and conditions for many of our exploration customers.
  • Deep hole rigs and experience – AK Drilling International utilizes EDM2000 rigs that reach depths of 2,000 meters and beyond.
  • Small footprint, portable rigs with deep hole capabilities, not a problem either – We use Hydracore 4000 man-portable rigs to reach depths of 1,400 meters on very small, very confined drill platforms.
  • Many years of talent and experience – A management team that has “been-there-and-done-that” for just about every core drilling problem a company might encounter. We have a dedicated person to train new drillers who has 45 years of experience alone.
  • Home grown core drillers – The vast majority of our core drillers are now brought up through the ranks, started as helpers on AK Drilling International rigs and have been promoted to driller. This bodes well for the company values of excellence, pride, commitment, respect, responsibility and honesty getting passed down to every level of the company.

Reverse Circulation Drilling

The brick and mortar that provided the foundation for AK Drilling International is its expertise in RC drilling. Three of AK Drilling’s top management started their careers on the back side of a splitter on an RC drill rig. They each hail from a different part of the world, Australia, USA and Chile. Consequently, they bring a venomous level of RC expertise and prowess that is tough to match.

  • Our trademark rig – AK Drilling International operates a versatile fleet of Foremost buggy mounted, articulating drill rigs with onboard air compressors. Proven again and again that these rigs in this climate and geographic region are pound for pound the best RC rig made.
  • Deep RC holes, not a problem – A fleet of Schramm truck mounted drill rigs with auxiliary air compressors and boosters enable AK Drilling International to reach depths of 600 meters.
  • Proven methodology – Whether getting RC pre-collars landed on bottom of a core tail, drilling with a “closed” system using backside bentonite pumping techniques, or just maintaining samples in a dry state to the greatest depth obtainable, there is much depth and many years of experience in this area.

Horizontal Drilling

AK Drilling International began to introduce reverse circulation horizontal drilling services throughout the course 2007 for the purposes of pit wall dewatering and stabilization.

Horizontal drilling services are accomplished by using our Foremost MPD 1500 drill in conjunction with an AK Drilling International designed and fabricated horizontal conversion kit. Using the horizontal conversion kit the Foremost MPD 1500 can be converted to horizontal drilling applications within a 48 hour time frame.

Such services have been extremely well received by our clients allowing horizontal drilling services to be completed in a time and cost efficient manner.

AK Drilling International has completed horizontal holes to lengths exceeding 350 meters and is currently the only drilling contractor within the region to offer such services using the reverse circulation method.

Water Well Drilling

AK Drilling International operates an extremely successful Water Well Drilling Division which is constantly in very high demand.

A DR 24/29 Dual Rotary Barber drill is the back bone of the Water Well Drilling Division which is able to conduct drilling operations with diameters ranging from 6” to 24”. The ability to simultaneously drill and case is of huge advantage proportional to the ground conditions found within the region.

Operations are conducted using either reverse circulation and or flooded reverse circulation methods at all times. AK Drilling International has accumulated a wide variety of purpose built tooling and support systems to complement our Water Well Drilling division.

The Water Well Drilling division operated by AK Drilling International is one of the most efficient water well drilling operations within Latin America.

Geotechnical and Hydrogeology

Underlying geology, soil sampling and hard rock investigations:

  • Standard penetration testing (SPT, LPT, Shelby, hollow stem auger, 140 lb. drop hammer).
  • Water quality and quantity testing (Lugeon, Lefranc).
  • Hard rock diamond core drilling (split tube, triple tube).
  • Monitor well completions:
    1. Single and/or nested completions.
    2. Vibrating wire Piezometer.
    3. Inclinometer wells.
  • Permeability testing with inflatable packers.

Submersible Pump Sales and Service

In conjunction with our Water Well Drilling Division AK Drilling International also offers submersible pump sales and associated services, thus allowing the end user the ability to work with a standalone service.

Parallel to well drilling operations AK Drilling International installs pumping systems on a hole by hole basis, thus allowing the end user to receive immediate results and project completion times to be greatly reduced.

Associated well services include system installation, well field maintenance, pump testing, well rehabilitation and down hole video inspection. Such services are often completed on a scheduled ongoing basis independently from water well drilling services.

AK Drilling International is currently proposing the installation of a telemetry based well management system which we hope will become an industry standard within The Region in the very near future.

Equipment - Diamond Drilling

EDM 2000

The EDM 2000 is a purpose built deep hole diamond drill rig capable of completing the most difficult projects in challenging ground conditions in any environment.

The rig is mounted on an all-terrain configured track base that can traverse the most difficult of onsite conditions and greatly reduces platform and access type considerations for the end user.

The rig is fitted with a telescoping mast allowing rods to be pulled in nine meter lengths and an automated rod spinner is also fitted to ensure safety and efficiency at all times.

The EDM 2000 is the epitome of deep hole diamond drills and can be used not only for the deepest drilling requirements but also for directional drilling applications as well as stratigraphic and oil and gas applications.

Sandvik DE740

The Sandvik DE740 diamond drill, has a multitude of safety and production orientated features such as C40 high output rotation unit, 9 meter rod pulling capabilities, electronic motor package, hydraulic breakout system, rod spinner, dump mast, angle mast capabilities and auto rod stop safety cage.

This drill is more than suitable for all of your mid to deep hole applications and is the perfect middle ground between the Sandvik DE710 and the EDM 2000.

The Sandvik DE740 has served all of AK Drilling International’s major clients with unparalleled success and always enjoys high demand within the region.

The perfect production drill rig for all of your exploration requirements.

Hydracore 4000

Both Hydracore Drills and AK Drilling International collaborated in relation to the modified Hydracore 4000 drill package currently in use by AK Drilling International.

The drill has been designed as heli/man portable drill rig with a depth capacity to approximately 1,500 meters, with the smallest environmental footprint of a deep hole capable diamond drill within the industry.

Production rates in comparison with larger drill rigs are surprising, but comparing the Hydracore 4000 to a drill of similar size, this comparison becomes astonishing.

This is the ultimate man portable drill rig within the industry today.

Sandvik DE710

The ultimate mid-depth capable all-terrain diamond drill package in the Latin American region, the track mounted configuration allows this potent drilling package drill all year round in all environments and climatic conditions.

Modular operational stations in conjunction with all-terrain vehicles are used to supply drilling operations in an uninterrupted manner.

The concept of implementing self-propelled drilling units in conjunction with independent support systems, utilizing modern drill rig design allows our Diamond Drilling Division to enjoy client acclaim and efficient drilling practices.

Hydracore 2000

Hydracore 2000 drill rigs, light weight man portable drill rig, designed for ease of movement, high drilling production rates, safe and simple operation, with greater depth capacity than similar sized units.

The Hydracore 2000 has a record of proven success and has been responsible for many discoveries in some of the most inhospitable conditions and terrain within the region.

The Hydracore 2000 can be practically mobilized to any location and provide results instantly; thus information and project management can be completed, exceeding our clients expectations.

The Hydracore 2000 is the drill of choice for rugged exploration activities.

Equipment - Reverse Circulation

Schramm T685

The Schramm T685WS Rotadrill is a world proven, heavy duty, and heavy hoist drill rig. Separate drill rig sub frame design permits stable mounting on standard trucks, the Schramm tracked drill carrier, trailers and special purpose vehicles of other manufacturers.

High capacity single reduction top head drive rotation and efficient pipe handling systems make the T685WS Rotadrill ideal for the toughest drilling projects in the water well, shallow oil and gas, environmental, mineral exploration and surface mining applications.

Our fleet of Schramm drills is backed up by an extensive range of auxiliary and support equipment including auxiliary compressors, boosters, all-terrain support vehicles, crane trucks and automated rod handling equipment.

No undertaking is too difficult.

Foremost W750 Buggy

The most versatile RC drill rig configuration in the industry today – The Foremost W-750 Prospector has been designed with off road drilling campaign is mind and to produce results in almost any conditions.

Low pressure terra tires reduce environmental impact and the articulating chassis configuration and 4x4 drive train allows the drill to reach even the tightest of spots.

The Foremost W – 750 Prospector is complete with 900 CFM/350 PSI Sullair compressor, 180 degree rotating mast, blade for minimal pad and side preparation, pipe tub, bean water pump and fluid injection system, cyclone system, wet rotary and Jones three tiered splitters.

The Foremost W – 750 prospector as our most popular RC rig configuration in the region.

Foremost Barber DR24

Our Foremost/Drill DR 24 dual rotary rig allows us to drill through all types of unconsolidated overburden such as sand, gravel and boulders. The lower rotary drive can advance casing up to 24 inches in diameter while, at the same time, an independent rotary top drive handles a drill string equipped with a down-the-hole hammer, drag bit or rolling cone rock bit, utilizing either the reverse or flood reverse circulation methods.

Our dual rotary rig can handle difficult formations without the use of casing hammers, under reamers or drilling mud. Because the drives are independent, the drill bit can drill inside; flush with, or ahead of the casing depending on the type of overburden encountered.

The Dual Rotary drilling method has limitless applications from exploration, water wells, tailings dam investigations, and geotechnical endeavors to name a few.

Not only can our Barber DR 24 drill in the most extreme conditions it also produces high quality samples at all times.

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